Why Detail?

First, let Firehouse Auto Spa dispel the myths about Automotive Detailing!

It is a fact that your vehicle runs better, is healthier, safer, and more aerodynamic when it is clean, and yet only about 10% of car owners regularly detail their automobiles.

At Firehouse Auto Spa, we believe that is because most car owners have heard many untruths about detailing, and have not heard enough about the benefits! What we do know is that people who have their vehicles detailed on a regular basis protect their automotive investment and enjoy driving and riding in an exquisitely clean, safe, “like-new” vehicle all the time!

Here are some of the most popular myths about detailing and why they are wrong:

I have a new car. I don’t need a detail.

Don’t you believe it!

New cars do not roll off the showroom floor completely flawless. Your vehicle is painted by robotic machines that often leave the paint uneven and they famously leave swirl marks that contort your shine.

Even if it comes straight from the manufacturer, and especially if it comes straight off the lot, your new car has been manhandled by delivery personnel, service techs, salespeople, and numerous potential buyers! It has been exposed to railroad dust, highway freight contamination, and pollution from sitting in storage lockers and on outdoor lots near waterside docks, railway stations, and other industrial areas.

Sure, the dealership cleans it up for you and gets it shining, but most dealerships do not employ a professional detailer who knows anything about automotive paint or how to properly buff out a shine. The result is often little more than a quickie car wash leaving behind streaks, water spots, swirls, and even light scratches.

Isn't Detailing just an expensive car wash?

Absolutely not!

At the average car wash, you get little more than a superficial rinsing. Some car washes use abrasive textiles that leave fine scratches, which build up over time and dull your new paint. For an extra $10, you might get a worker who will quick-vac your carpet, dust off your dashboard, wipe down your steering wheel, and spray some air freshener, but all they are really doing is displacing surface dirt and covering up any odors while leaving behind the bacteria that causes them.

Firehouse Auto Spa thoroughly cleans and reconditions your automobile inside and out. The goal is to revive, restore, maintain, and protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle to as close as possible, showroom condition!

Furthermore, washing your vehicle is only the first of many steps in the detailing process that starts with a thorough, brush-free hand wash, and an inspection of every inch of the paint surface to monitor potential problems. Firehouse Auto Spa recognizes fading caused by the sun’s UV rays and chemical oxidation, and can correct it before it spreads. We also safely remove squashed bugs, bird droppings, and environmental contaminants that are difficult to remove and etch the clear coat.

Firehouse always hand dries your vehicle with warm, dry, filtered air and soft waffle weave towels to guard against scratching your vehicle’s paint, and we make sure your carpets and upholstery are clean and stain-free, and that your hard surfaces, niches, seams, and deepest crevices are free from dirt and bacteria.

Routine detailing SAVES you money at every turn and helps maintain the maximum value of your vehicle!

My car is old and the paint is dull. I need a paint job.

Re-spraying a full-sized vehicle runs about $1,500 – $2,000. On a classic, it can be as much as $6,000.

Dull paint cannot be washed off or even buffed to a shine without highly advanced detailing techniques like clay bar to clean the paint, followed by a trained multistage paint correction using abrasives and a buffer.

Mark Elliott specializes in cleaning and safely removing oxidation, fine scratches, and paint flaws caused by the sun, bird droppings, bug splatter, and the effects of environmental fallout on aging paint.

If you think your aging vehicle has seen its last shine, let Firehouse Auto Spa get you a FREE Paint Assessment to determine whether a Paint Correction saves you thousands of dollars on a paint job. Chances are Paint Correction will look better than new paint, and preserves the integrity of your original classic!

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