If it Rolls, Glides, Floats, or Flies

Firehouse Auto Spa’s Specialty Detailing division will detail it! Business fleets; delivery and service vehicles; RVs; semi-trucks; motorcycles; boats; airplanes; and helicopters!

“We’ll do whatever the customer wants,” says Firehouse Auto Spa owner Mark Elliott. “We try not to turn away anyone and we are versatile and flexible enough as detailers to adjust to cleaning other types of vehicles and other mechanized assets.”

Firehouse founder Mark Elliott is automotive and aircraft certified by Detailing Success and the Detailer of Air Force One at the Seattle Museum of Flight. Mark is trained in Motorcycle Detailing by the original Hogfather detailer, “Dirty Harry” Sandwith of The Hogfather Motorcycle Detailing in Rochelle Park, NJ. Both Mark and Harry are members of the Detailing Success Network’s made-men of the Detail Mafia.

The Network gives Firehouse Auto Spa access to dozens of experienced detailers in the specialty detailing areas, as well as in automotive, classics, and exotic car care.

Aircraft Detailing

As private and civic aircraft become increasingly more mainstream, there is a growing need for niche detailers with experience detailing airplanes. The exterior cleanliness of an aircraft affects its aerodynamics, but aircraft detailing has it challenges. Firehouse Auto Spa’s Mark Elliott is a certified automotive and aircraft detailer. He understands the products and formulas that work on an aircraft’s skin, without causing corrosion or damage that affects flight.

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Fleet Detailing

Your company trucks and delivery vehicles are rolling billboards for your company. At Firehouse Auto Spa, we are sympathetic to companies that do not have the manpower to keep their trucking or delivery fleet routinely cleaned and detailed. Detailing and maintaining a clean fleet of vehicles protects your monetary investment and reduces the risk of mechanical problems.

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RV Detailing

Regardless of your surface material or the presence of graphics, Firehouse Auto Spa technicians are experts at safely and effectively cleaning coated Fiberglas and painted metal. It doesn’t matter whether it is a simple wash, wax, and interior vacuum, or an intense exterior paint correction and chrome polishing, Firehouse Auto Spa keeps your RV shining inside and out!

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Motorcycle Detailing

Specializing in safe, but little-known motorcycle detailing techniques introduced by Detailing Success, Firehouse Auto Spa offers a full court motorcycle detailing that involves stripping the bike down to the frame in order to properly and thoroughly get into the difficult, even intricate workings of a motorcycle.

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Boat Detailing

With an arsenal of the finest marine detailing products available and the expertise to maintain and protect your watercraft against the water’s corrosive environment, Firehouse Auto Spa will keep your boat in prime condition all year around!

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