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Meet Mark Elliott: Dually Certified as an Automotive & Aircraft Detailer

Mark Elliott, Jacksonville firefighter and founder of Firehouse Auto Spa in Jacksonville, Florida has a dual-certification from the Detailing Success Network in both aircraft and automotive detailing, as well as paint correction. He also has his automotive detailing certification from the International Detailing Association (IDA), who sets all quality standards for the detailing industry worldwide. For the customer, these three certifications mean Mark has been trained and certified by Master automotive and aircraft Detailer and Trainer Renny Doyle, who is also leader of the Air Force One Detailing Team at the Seattle Museum of Flight. As an active member of the Detailing Success Network (DSN), Mark is among the most accomplished and technologically-advanced team of automotive detailers in the U.S. Their dedication to ongoing education and the mentorship of others makes DSN members a deserving representative of the best car care available!

Mark Elliott’s circuitous but inspiring personal story about how a clueless but intuitive 12-year-old boy making a little money on the side cleaning cars, rose to be one of the most well-trained and skilled automotive detailers in the U.S., is fun for car enthusiasts and customers alike. To begin with, Mark Elliott has always been known for his calm, steady head and hands. As a fireman in Newport News, Virginia and now Jacksonville, Florida, those qualities are inherent in high-end automotive detailers. Their unwavering desire for perfection makes them meticulous, and well … detailed! However, Mark’s strong work ethic, business instinct, and self-motivation have made it possible for him to own his own food stand, start his own construction company, and work fulltime as a firefighter, all the while, growing his detailing business to include cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RVs, and airplanes. “Until around 2001, I didn’t realize anyone made a living cleaning cars, much less that a mobile detailing industry was out there,” Mark laughs. “I just loved cars, but I didn’t know how to do anything but wash them.”

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Being a member of the International Detailing Association (IDA), means Firehouse Auto Spa is held to a higher quality standard than non-certified detailers. Car owners can be assured that IDA members are tested and certified according to strict industry standards determined by leading industry professionals. The IDA is active in helping car owners understand the value in professional detailing services and make it easy for you to contact an IDA-certified detailer like Firehouse Auto Spa in your town or city!

Detailing Success Network’s Made-Men of the Detail Mafia Certified Member of the Detailing Success Network, Firehouse Auto Spa’s Mark Elliott is also a senior-level, made-man of the Detail Mafia. As a Detail Mafia member, Elliott is an artisan in the care and maintenance of automotive paint and automotive interiors. Trained by Master automotive and aircraft Detailer and Trainer Renny Doyle, who is also leader of the Air Force One Detailing Team at the Seattle Museum of Flight, Mark Elliott is a member of the most accomplished and technologically-advanced team of automotive detailers in the U.S. More about Detail Mafia...

Only Master accredited Gtechniq Studios like Mark Elliott at Firehouse Auto Spa are specially trained to properly prep your automobile for any current damages, before advising a customer on the appropriate coating products for your car. This expertise in both the products themselves and their application process help the customer better understand the many benefits to investing in a protective exterior coating for your vehicle, and its interior.
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Air Force One

The first Air Force One is shiny and polished after members of The Detail Mafia, including Jacksonville firefighter/paramedic Mark Elliott, tackled its aluminum and paint at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. Read more...

Oct 8, 2017

Detailing an Historic Korean War Surveillance Plane

Mark joined fellow Detailing Success detailers from Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, and Melbourne on a 4-day project to restore a 1959 U.S. Army OV-1B Mohawk at Jacksonville’s Craig Municipal Airfield. The small team performed a two-stage compounding and polish, finishing it off with an exterior protective coating. The Mohawk is the only air-worthy flying B-model airplane left in the world. It was used in the Korean War for military surveillance and as an attack aircraft.

Aug 20, 2016

Barrett Jackson West Palm Beach Car Show

Selected for the prestigious Barrett Jackson detailing team by Palm Beach Car Show sponsor, Mothers High Performance Car Care, Mark helped prep dozens of classics, exotics, and luxury vehicles for auction at one of South Florida’s favorite car shows and auction.

Aug 7, 2016
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